Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last night, Bill & I met some friends from church (and our adoption support group) in Ybor to see the documentary Stuck.  Have you heard of this?  Wow!  I recommend you buy it or find where it's playing in your city or download it from their website to view.  It's heartbreaking to hear and see that paperwork, people, government etc are what is getting in the way of orphans finding a family.  Yes, we've adopted 5 children. Yes, we have seen all that goes into adopting.  Yes, we feel some of it is a little ridiculous.  BUT, we had it easy.  All of our adoptions took 9-14 months tops.  Some wait YEARS.  Just because of "red tape".  Watch this documentary, sign the petition. And help make a change/difference in how international adoption is done.

Here we are with Craig Juntunen who is the founder and president of the Both Ends Burning Campaign

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 Months

So thankful for the miracle of adoption.  Without adoption, these girls would be orphans forever. And we would not have the privilege to love them and call them our daughters.

If you ever thought about adopting the older child, PLEASE leave a comment.   This thought scared me once.  But God opened my heart and I'm so glad He did.  Yes, we have some challenges.  BUT, I just remind myself of the challenges these girls would have had IF they would not have found a forever family.  God had a plan all along.  He had the perfect timing for our family.  We are so thankful that they are no longer orphans, that they know what love means, that they know what family means. And that they are learning what Jesus' love is.

Happy 7 months girls!  We love you!

P.S.  They ask every month "why take picture?" I tell them "China wants to see a picture of you happy".  On the way to school, Hope asks "Who in China wants to see?"  She's a smartie.  Anyway, I told them to take a silly picture.  Not sure China would appreciate this photo.  LOL  Who knows, maybe they want to see their silly side.   :-)