Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adoption Fundraiser

There are 5 families at our church who are adopting 7 children from 3 different countries.  So we all got together and organized an all day craft day fundraiser.  Around 30+ ladies came out and worked on scrapbooks, paintings, or just got caught up on computer stuff for 12 hours.  We had a blast.  There was food & soda's and lots of yummy desserts.  Everyone had a great time. And we are so thankful for the support from friends & family.  We were also blessed by SEVERAL local businesses who donated items so we could have give aways all day.  I think we had over 30 give aways.  Everyone went home with something.

Please pray for our families.  4 children are being adopted from China, 2 children are being adopted from Russia, and 1 is being adopted locally.  Pray for the children, that they will bond with their new families.

P.S. Day 79 today.  No word on LOA/LSC  Maybe tomorrow.  We heard that the offices in China are closed until Thursday for a national holiday.  So if our LOA was not mailed before they left last Thursday, then it will be whole week before we hear anything.

Adopting Mama's

Friday, April 20, 2012


Last week we asked our agency if they could request some updates on the girls and some photos. They like to do this closer to travel, but we did not want to wait.

Well today it came in.  I am so excited.  Here is some of what we learned about the girls.

-They are sharing a bed together (wondering if this happened after the director found out they are going to be sisters)
-Hope does not like bananas. She likes mangos
-Maggie does not like apples. She likes bananas and strawberries
-Hope is 49.25 inches tall and 55 pounds (a little shorter than Jadyn)
-Maggie is 55.15 inches tall and 70 pounds (about the same height at Abby, and about 15 pounds heavier (I don't see it)).
-Hope's palate has not been repaired. So we will have to do it when she gets home
-Maggie's SN that she had repaired in 2004 is done and now she is healthy
-They are in grade 3.  
-They know simple English (bye, thank you etc)
-They adapt to change easily (we'll see LOL)
-They go to bed at 9 and get up at 6
-They like to have their nails painted
And now here are the photos. We do not know if they knew why they were getting their photos taken.  It does not matter. These photos are precious.  And they look so happy.  


Hopefully my next post will be announcing that our LSC/LOA arrived. We are anxiously waiting for this call. Today is day 70.  It should be soon.  Keep praying.  :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Frown Quickly Turned Upside Down

Well, yesterday was day 66 for our LOA/LSC wait.  We heard from our agency.  We are still in review. Then we will go to the matching room and then they will issue our LOA/LSC.  I wanted to cry. People are getting their LOA's who have been logged in AFTER us.  So why are we still in review?  We were told nothing is wrong. They have not had any questions.  But it "may still be a while".

Yes I wanted to cry.  I did actually cry. Then I was angry. Then confused.  Then relieved.  I realized we are out of translation.  This is a good thing. It means our papers are moving in the right direction.

So we wait....some more.

Then I received an email from another Huainan mom saying she just received photos from her daughters party and Hope & Maggie were in them.  Would I like to see them.  Of course, I said YES immediately.  That officially turned my frown upside down.  :-)

Here they are. So precious. So pretty.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's a new week!

So, last week many received their LOA/LSC's who have dates around us or even after us.  And yet we did not get a phone call.  Yes, I was bummed. Yes, every time the phone rang I jumped hoping it was our agency. And every single time it was a solicitor.  UGH!  So Friday evening came and I knew there was no possibility of a phone call. And you know what?  The phone has not rang once.  NADA!  No solicitors calling.  Nothing!

So the weekend is here and I can relax.  And try not to think about the phone call. But it's hard. Especially since I'm so scared we will hit the "century club" (people who have waited 100+ days).  It happens.  It shouldn't, but it does.  We are on day 65 today.  So the call could come this week.  Praying it comes this week.

I'm also stressing out over this call because the sooner we get it, the sooner we go to China. And looking at the dates, if we got it now, it's pushing end of July beginning of August before we would leave.  I REALLY want to be home before the first day of school. Which is around August 20th I think.  Not quite sure yet.  Anyway.....I keep reminding myself that God has this. He's in control. He has the perfect time for us to go to China.  And we ARE going to China.  So I need to just relax, take deep breaths and wait.  Wait on Him.  And honestly, that is just SO hard.

Today I woke up and saw 5 precious photos of Maggie.  I'm not allowed to share them.  But trust me, they are PRECIOUS!  She's doing school work and making crafts.  She's smiling.  She's concentrating.  She's wearing a jean jacket, has her hair pulled back in a ponytail and has a hairband on top.  She looks stylish.  And she also looks TINY!  Very skinny.  I'm so afraid the clothes we've been buying will fall right off of her.

This week our agency did tell us they would inquire about where we are at in the LSC wait.  And they also said they would get updated measurements on the girls.  And that could lead to more pictures.  Woo Hoo.  We are praying the orphanage will agree to the request.  So hopefully soon, we will get height & weight updates.  And we also asked some questions.  PRAYING they give us answers.

So I think that is the latest.  More waiting. More questions. :-)

I have 4 prayer requests:
1)Please continue to pray for us about our kids.  We would LOVE to take them all to China. We feel that this will be important for them, and for Hope & Maggie.  But the cost of travel worries us and also taking 4 kids and coming home with 6 kids on a 14 hour flight.  :-)  Yes, we know that there will be added stress taking everyone. But we think that having them there, and having them meet their new sisters will outweigh the stress of the travel.  :-)

2) Please pray that if we do not take them to China, that we can find someone who can stay with our kids at our house while we're gone.  We're not too concerned about the girls. But more worried about leaving Ethan.  He's never been away from me and that makes us nervous.

4) Pray for Hope & Maggie. That Jesus is softening their hearts and preparing them for us. That they will not be scared, but excited. That they will want to come home with us. And that bonding will be easy for all of us.  Pray for their health. That they will not be sick or get sick on the journey.

3) And please pray for the rest of this journey to go smoothly and timely.  That there will be no unnecessary delay. And that we will have peace while we wait.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 59 and Bedroom

Today is day 59 of our LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) wait.  We could get the call any day now. And yes, I'm anxious.  I have been busy filling out tons of paperwork that is needed once the LSC comes in.  Times 2!  :-)  Everything is double from now on.  But, I think they are done. I think we filled them out correctly.  They just need to be signed.

We have emailed our agency again today asking if they could PLEASE check to see where we are at in the process.  They have told us before that if we have waited 12 weeks then they would ask. That the average wait time is 50-70 days.  But we asked nicely.  We're still waiting for a reply. I have a feeling they will say "we'll ask if you have not heard anything in 4 weeks".  We also asked if they could request updated measurements on the girls.  We're anxious to see how much they have grown.

We've also been busy getting the girls room ready.  We were originally going to let them have their own room.  But the more we thought about it, the more we thought they might like sharing a room. So Abby & Jadyn are sharing the room next to them.  All 5 girls are upstairs now.  We did not paint the room.  This is how it was when it was Jadyn's room.  I'm so thankful both beds fit in here.  I did not want to have to spend more money on furniture.  We do plan on getting new bedding for the girls. Not sure if we'll get it before we travel, or let them come home and pick out what they want.  We also need to buy new pillows. The little pillows on their beds they can use for decoration.  :-)

Please continue to pray that everything will keep moving smoothly. We're still praying for July travel.  And we're praying about if the whole family should go to China.  Please pray with us.

Hopefully updates will come soon.